5 Odd Things You Can Do With a Hair Dryer

I know what you’re thinking!

You are thinking, oh yeah, you can unstick things with a hair dryer, yes that is true. Sticky stuff that gets stuck, frozen stuff that gets stuck, defrosting, ungluing and dusting.

You are thinking, I know, you can dry your bathroom or wet room with a hair dryer; that is a possibility.

And you can dry your painted nails with a hair dryer, obviously!

Oh, don’t forget you can iron out the creases in your clothes with your hair dryer, damp them down a bit first.  Not to mention drying your smalls in a hurry.

So even though you bought a hair dryer with hair drying in mind, now you are already using it for so many other things.  You are even thinking of buying a better hair dryer with a good cool setting and super heat.

Except this is all “old hat” now, maybe you even have a fine collection of hair dryers with so many common uses.

A hair dryer can also be used as an instrument of torture, if you have ever had a blow dry from a sadistic hairdresser then you will know what I am talking about.  Your scalp feels burnt for three days after but your hair looks fabulous.


Abstract Art

Headphones 1To get really creative you need to think wax, wax crayons, those horrible things that your kids like to throw behind the sofa or even better stuff down the sides.  The little stick things that they like to draw on your fine satin magnolia wall.

So here we go with number one, getting creative, tools needed:

  • Wax crayons
  • Small piece of inexpensive canvas
  • Hair dryer (any old kind will do)


  1. Choose your colours
  2. Take the wrapper off the crayons
  3. Start heating the crayon
  4. As the crayon starts to get wet, roll it on the canvas with the hair dryer blowing to melt the crayon
  5. You may need to be ambidextrous for this, or use two pairs of hands if possible

You can get really creative with this, try different surfaces, colours, left hand, right hand……


Fixing a dent in your car bumper

HeadphonesHave you ever dented the bumper on your new (nearly new?) car?  Just between you, the car and the brick wall?  I had to go to the body shop to fix mine.  I didn’t realise how lightweight the new matching and toning bumpers are.

So you have a dent, you don’t want to tell your spouse, yet……

Luckily there is hardly a scratch.

So what do you need?

  • Two pairs of hands or three is even better
  • A hair dryer (heavy duty)
  • A good sense of humour
  • An extension lead

Clean up the dent first, take off that lovely telltale sign of brick dust or paint from the fence/other car.

Get your friends kitted out with latex gloves.

Bribe them.

Get the hair dryer going on the newly cleaned dented bumper.

As the bumper heats up, get your hand behind the dent and gently push from behind avoiding any wires.

Hey presto, the dent will pop out. 


Undoing the crayon marks on the walls

jam-transit-headphone-angle-a-red-fnl_1_1_1Of course you do need to paint the walls with a satin paint as opposed to matt paints if you have sticky little fingers around.

If you do have nice satin walls you can use the same hair dryer you used to create that unique canvas to undo the not so artistic scribble on the walls.

If you have matt walls you may end up with a nice blur of colour so you can still use the multi-purpose hair dryer.

Just switch it on, point and blow.  The crayon scribble will come off much more easily once the wax has melted you can just wash it off with a soapy cloth or sponge.


Heated eye lash curlers 

rh1060-wireless-stereo-headphonesI liked the idea of my heated eyelash curler, with a little battery inside, however it didn’t work.

So you can use your good old eye lash curler, blow dry it with heat and it will work wonders to open up those eyes beautifully.

Removing water marks from wooden furniture 

No need to use sandpaper.

Just get your hair dryer on the cool setting, start with cool, gradually build up the heat on the water marks and they will disappear.

I make that 5, now I am off to Hair Dryers Online to get me a hair dryer!