5 Pro Tips for Caring for Goldfish

One of the most common fish species to keep in the home is goldfish. If you slack on taking care of these fish, you end up with a few swimming belly-up long dead. What you need is to make sure you understand how to handle this kind of fish the right way, so that you can make the most out of your aquarium.

Goldfish are among the most sought-after fish species on the market. However, to make the project a success, there is no room for snobbery.  Keeping goldfish the right way requires a lot of patience and time. If you know how to handle other kinds of tropical fish, you will find it easy to handle goldfish. If you are a beginner, goldfish provides an awesome learning experience for you.

Let us look at some of the effective tips to care for your goldfish.

Buy a Large Aquarium

You need to first buy a comparatively large aquarium for the goldfish. Goldfish need a lot of space to grow and swim, as well as play. Many people have seen the traditional bowl with a small top and a wide base and think that this is enough to keep the fish happy. This is wrong. What you need is the right kind of fish tank, the right environment and the perfect size. The right kind of tank is available from reputable dealers. You can browse around here to get the size to suit your needs.

There is one thing that you will concur with us – you will never see a large goldfish in a small bowl of water unless the bowl is five gallons large. The goldfish you see in bowls are usually between one and two inches in length.

Each fish requires a gallon of space, which means that two goldfish need a 2-gallon fish tank. More than this makes the tank overcrowded which can hamper the growth of the fish.

The tank needs to be fitted with a filter that uses an air pump. Goldfish need a high amount of oxygen, unlike other kinds of fish.

The level of waste that goldfish generate is high; thus the size of the bowl is not large enough to offset this waste. The waste goes ahead to poison the fish, leading to death. This is why a large aquarium is crucial.

Have the Right Accessories

You should not compromise on the accessories that need to come with the tank. For instance, you will place gravel at the bottom of the tank, because you need a safe place for the useful bacteria to grow. These bacteria help to remove toxic waste from the tank. However, you need to choose the right kind of gravel to put in the tank. The pieces should not be too small because this can make the fish attempt to eat them thinking they are food particles.

Do not Forget the Fishless Cycle

It is always recommended that you opt for a fishless cycle before you place the fish in the tank. The fishless cycle demands that you set up the aquarium, and run the filter for two or more days without fish; bring in ammonia and several other items before you add the fish. The new home will be perfect for the fish and prevent them from dying off.

Proper Feeding is Paramount

The way you feed your goldfish matters a lot. You need to feed them the proper food in the right quality. You can buy commercial grade goldfish flakes because they contain the necessary nutrients required for proper growth of the goldfish.

You should never overfeed the fish. This is because they will eat anything and everything you provide. They have the uncanny habits of feeding until they cannot feed any more. Overfeeding also leads to food remains that encourage the growth of algae and harmful bacteria.

Monitor the Water

You need to check the tank water on a regular basis. Check for ammonia and pH levels because these two can affect the life of the fish. You can buy a few test strips and keep them at hand for this task.

In Closing

Keeping goldfish is not as easy as you think, although, for those people that have been at it for some time, it is an easy task. Take time to read these tips to understand the perfect size and how to keep the fish healthy.