7 Amazing Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

There are many different ways to relax your body. Massage therapy is one of them. There are many forms of massage and they vary on how they’re done and the effects they have on your body. If you want a massage that’ll not only relax your body but also help regulate the energy flow in your body, then you should go for Shiatsu massage.

What’s Shiatsu massage?

This kind of massage is done with the fingers. It’s also called acupressure. Pressure can be applied to your body with the help of the palm, fingers, thumb, or feet. It makes you feel relaxed, well-balanced and energetic. Shiatsu massage has been used by the Chinese for centuries and it’s now available just about everywhere. Only a licensed masseuse can do this massage to help relieve muscle tension.

How it’s done

Those who haven’t yet had this type of massage should know that it’ll take 40-60 minutes to have it done. It may also be done while you’re lying on a comfortable mat. The masseuse will start by gently manipulating your skin and stretching the muscles to stimulate energy in your body. The intensity of the pressure applied will depend on who’s getting the massage. It’s important to note that the massage shouldn’t cause pain. The massage is done by applying pressure with fingers while making a round motion.

What are the benefits of Shiatsu massage?

These days, Shiatsu massage is done not only to promote relaxation, but also to help relieve a wide range of diseases and symptoms. Here are 7 amazing advantages of Shiatsu massage.

Quick relief from muscle pain

Since Shiatsu massage techniques mainly focus on the tension and stress points, this enhances blood circulation and eventually helps relieve any muscle ache. Therefore, one of the most valid arguments about Shiatsu massage chairs is that they can provide you with a better and revitalizing massage.


A Shiatsu massage can give you an amazing feeling of relaxation. It also helps relieve all the tension and stress you have by enhancing blood circulation through suitable techniques on stress points.

Makes skin soft

Shiatsu massage improves blood flow in the capillaries, making your skin tissues smooth and soft. In addition, it simulates the release of sebaceous glands that keep your skin fresh and hydrated all the time. These two actions collectively help keep your skin wrinkle-free, improve its elasticity and make it glow.

Helps treat migraines

Migraines usually occur when the brain’s blood vessels rapidly widen and narrow, resulting in pain and irritation. Common migraine symptoms include nausea, weakness, sensitivity to sound and light, vision problems and numbness. Migraine headaches are thought to be triggered by stress, changes in weather, hunger, foods with nitrates and caffeine sometimes. Shiatsu massage helps relieve migraines by increasing blood circulation and flow all over the body as well as relaxes the body.

Relieves muscle pain and rheumatoid arthritis

Acupressure and Shiatsu massage can help ease the symptoms of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis refers to a persistent inflammation of the tissues and it affects the joints’ linings. This condition affects around 1% of people all over the world. Shiatsu done on the feet and hands is most effective for a person suffering from arthritis. The pressure of the massage may also be put directly on an area with rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, Shiatsu can help improve the general health of muscles all over the body. It helps to limber muscles and provides nutrition to muscles through improved circulation. It helps ease muscular pain as well.

Helps pregnant women

For millenniums, Shiatsu massage has been used to help women during menstrual cycles to ease symptoms like depression and menstrual cramps. In addition, Shiatsu massage has been used for many years on pregnant women. Moreover, it aids women in labor and helps babies turn inside the womb. It can help induce labor in those who are overdue as well as help relieve the swelling and morning sickness usually caused by pregnancy.

Helps the digestive and circulatory system

Shiatsu massage has also been shown to help the digestive and circulatory system. Having a gentle massage will help improve cellular nutrition and circulation all over the body. In addition, Shiatsu massage is beneficial for the digestive system as it allows food to get digested more quickly and easily and helps get rid of waste products as well. Moreover, Shiatsu massage also boosts stamina by storing reserves of energy and aids fat removal and fat metabolism.

With all the advantages you can reap from Shiatsu massage, it’s always a good idea to learn how it’s done by reading a book or watching a few videos. It can also be hugely rewarding to practice essential techniques at home. Find a reliable and experienced Shiatsu massage provider to improve your overall health. Also make sure that you feel comfortable with the masseuse.