Against Popular Belief – Instagram Isn’t For Everyone

If you think the internet is a reliable place please think again as not everything is as sound as you might think. Especially when it comes to Instagram the experts want you to believe that Instagram is suitable for every online business as long as you use some creativity. Well, that’s simply not true and let me show you why.

Take SEO Services

I rank sites in Google, they call that search engine optimization and as Instagram is all about photos and short stories (memes are so old-fashioned) there is literally nothing interesting to show. Unless you want to throw people dead with pictures of ranking graphs. You might impress people once, or twice but after that, it gets boring real quick. Everyone would stop following you within days.

Or How About Plumbers

You really think people want to see photos of how you did your job? Nah I don’t think so, and you probably don’t either. Pictures of faucets, toilets, pipes, you get the point. Now it could be interesting if you take pictures of larger accidents that caused major floods but that doesn’t happen every day does it? At Instagram, you need to post at least a few times per week and if you can’t keep your followers engaged you’re probably in the wrong place to promote your business.

Public Services Then?

If you are a fireman I don’t think your employer would appreciate it if you took pictures of fires each time, you should be focusing on your job instead and you never know how a fire evolves, people might die there and you are posting their house on Instagram for everyone to see. This could cause immense backlash and before you know it you get fired. Monetizing such channel wouldn’t be too easy either unless you’re selling fire extinguishers but I just don’t think that’s the right way to do it.

Real Estate Perhaps

Yes, and no, sure you can get followers that are looking for a house or an apartment to buy but once they found their place you lose them so for this to work you need large amounts of new followers each time. If you want to make it on Instagram it probably wouldn’t really work in the low-budget arena either, however, if you are in the luxury market you might have a better chance so I wouldn’t rule this one out completely, just make sure you got something that’s worth it to look at.

How About Hotels?

You are not going to succeed if you share pictures of your rooms, after doing that in the first week you run out of things to post, unless you’re in a very touristic area you might be able to make it, but even then you probably run out of things to show. That waterfall near you is awesome but after seeing it appear every week it does get a little boring. I hope you realize that yourself. You can argue to take photos of your guests, especially if you’re hotel is crazy popular, expensive, and attracts famous guests. Still, you would need their permission before posting anything online and probably you won’t get that.

In Conclusion

Now if you do own a business that’s Instagram worthy like you’re a sportsman and can report on many sports, or you’re into fashion with an unlimited amount of clothing lines and such Instagram could definitely be worth it. Don’t kid yourself though, it’s harder to grow your account then you think. For that reason, I included a link to a post with the top Instagram bot to help you built your presence and get you thousands of followers before you know it.