All the Powerful Benefits of Using an Electric Beard Trimmer

Having a beard is one of the great honors of manhood. Facial hair is one of the classic coming-of-age milestones, and some of the greatest men of all time have had their very beards immortalized. Whether your idols are Plato and Socrates, or Brian Wilson and Kimbo Slice, you can find plenty of inspiration to grow your own beard.

Unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility, and beards can be pretty darn powerful. Shaving that bad boy can get pretty tough, especially once it gets long enough to laugh off the pitiful swipes of a razor. When you first start growing your beard, you think you’ll never shave it. Each cm is precious, and you relish seeing your facial hair growing stronger each day you look in the mirror. But all good things must come to an end, and so too must your honeymoon period with your beard.

It might start out as a couple careful strokes of a razor. “I’m just cleaning it up,” you might tell yourself. Pretty soon, you look like you just got back from being marooned on a deserted island with an art school drop out barber who wanted to “keep your aesthetic cohesive with your lifestyle.” It’s like a bedroom with all the dirty clothes piled on a chair, it is messy but it is contained. But at some point, you have to wash those clothes, and someday you finally get around to trimming your beard.

If you’re like most men, you probably gave it a try with scissors. Let me guess, it was a good attempt but it just took too long? Yeah, right. During this phase, your beard looks like you let that art school barber back into your life and became his magnum opus. Basically, it’s a piece of abstract beauty: defined lines, chaotic patterns, and no real sense of order. Unfortunately, despite its artistic value, it just probably just looks bad, not to mention unprofessional.

There are those of us patient enough, diligent enough, and of sure hand, who can learn to trim with scissors without making their beard look unnatural or stupid. There are also those who are not, and cannot. If you’re the latter, it’s about time you buy an electric razor. If you’re already on it, check out these brands endorsed by Manly Matters and find some of the greatest razors out there to keep that hairy beast in check.

Why an Electric Razor Is the Best Choice

Right out of the gate let’s get one thing straight: electric razors are the best. Unless you can’t afford electricity, these puppies are the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to keep your facial hair well-groomed.

  • They Save You Time

Unless you’re overly attached to your shaving routine, you could probably use that time a little better. Electric razors cut through your hair quickly and efficiently, and stop up far less than a traditional multi-blade razor. Also, these things were literally designed to save time. Seriously.

Colonel Jacob Schick, after countless hours spent shaving in the freezing cold while stationed in an Army outpost, was tired. He was tired of waiting around for someone else to solve his problems, and he was certainly tired of just sucking it up. He went on to invent the electric shaver, and the man changed the world of beard care. A true American hero.

  • They Are Easy

No more running water, no more shaving cream, no more disposable blades. Just one single electric shaver and an outlet. Shaving with an electric razor is simple, and simple is good, and it’s one of the reasons it’s they are best.

  • They Are Efficient

These things cut through hair like a breeze. You can shave any part of your face quickly and easily, without having to fear nicks or cuts. Plus, it’s easy to trim your beard down to that perfect length with the press of a button. All you’ve gotta do is set the razor to your desired length and have at it, and all without any worries of making it uneven.

  • They Are Cheap

Do the math, how many disposable razors or disposable razor blades have you bought in your life? Now, let’s say you’ve only been shaving your beard for 2 years with the cheapest disposable razor at Walmart. First of all, get your life together man. Second, in those two years, you’ve already spent at least $100 on razors alone, and that’s assuming you’re using the absolute cheapest on the marker. Plus, the cuts and ingrown hairs probably already have you looking at more expensive options. Just buy one electric razor, and you’re good. It’s like buying a car. The one-payment price might seem expensive, but it saves you a ton compared to the recurring costs on a monthly payment plan.

  • They Protect Your Skin

Electric razors cause fewer abrasions, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs than almost any other option. Waxing might beat it out, but if you’re waxing your beard there’s no reason why you would even be reading this article because you hate your beard.  Look, your trimmer comes equipped with a way to protect itself from your fragile flesh. It’s called a foil, and it just looks like a small metal mesh covering on top of your shaver.

Since the foil is what comes in contact with your skin, and not the blades, the only thing you’re slicing is hair. No more cuts when you rush in the morning, no more ingrown hairs popping up like pimples under your chin. This is part of what makes them faster, too, because you never have to slow down or worry about slicing open your face with a single distracted slip.