Chunky Husband

There was no doubt about it. Every time I looked over at my husband there was more of him to love. He seemed to be putting on weight by the second.

Don’t get me wrong, I love him so much. I was concerned for his health, not the way he looks. He always looks gorgeous to me, but I had to do something to help him to lose weight and stay healthy.


I wasn’t sure where to start, so I decided to go online. I thought I could find some healthy recipes that we could all enjoy as a family and then I looked at exercise regimes. There are some great classes online, some free, some not. I bought some fitness DVD’s and invested in a recumbent exercise bike with the help of This meant my husband really had no excuse, I would cook healthy meals for him and the family. He could workout at home and lose weight in the process.

It wasn’t going to be easy, he sure loves to eat.

1st Step

I did a massive supermarket shop and unloaded it into the kitchen cupboards and fridge and donated all of the stuff we didn’t want, or rather shouldn’t eat to a homeless shelter. I did feel a pang of guilt, filling homeless people with all of that junk food, but throwing it away just didn’t seem right either.

Breaking the News

Believe it or not, at this point, I hadn’t even told my husband what was happening. I decided to cook him an amazing and tasty meal and break it to him over that.

I cooked Thai food, lots of fresh fish, home made low fat sauces and a low calorie pudding so he wouldn’t notice that anything.

He was suspicious. We were always so busy that sit down meals of any kind were rare. Let alone an exotic, fancy meal like this one.

I explained the reasons behind it. I care about him and I was worried, not just about him, but about all of us. We needed to get our diets back on track and become healthier as a family.


We soon became more active together. We started going out for walks and doing the small things,like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. I would sometimes get a cab to go two blocks, no more, I would put my sneakers on and walk or jog everywhere.

My husband was really embracing the change and he was doing so well. In a week he lost 8 pounds.

He is a very masculine man so I didn’t think he would be keen on the aerobics DVD, but he loved it. He was doing the DVD 4 times a week and coupled with his exercise bike, the weight was dropping off him. He looked incredible.


We all had so much energy, we were so active. I noticed a distinct change in everyone’s moods.

The kids fought less and seemed happier in general. They embraced the new healthy regime. They didn’t fight it, which was great and it was making a profound difference to all of our lives.


Unfortunately, I noticed a difference in the shopping bills. It is no wonder people eat junk, it is certainly cheaper than buying fresh food all the time. Our shopping bills had doubled, but it was worth it. We had changed as a family so much and we had lost 40 pounds between us in two months, it was incredible.

We were definitely reaping the rewards and we were so much healthier as a family, it was great! I was worried that our new fitness regime may have been somewhat a ‘fad’ but we all stuck with it. I am so proud of not just me, but the whole family. While our shopping bills have increased, we now save money by going on family bike rides or doing outdoor activities instead of expensive trips to theme parks or the cinema.
Who would have guessed that healthy lifestyle could bring us together as a family, but it has…long may it continue!