Do you rate rowing?

Everybody’s time at university is different. Some people go for the social aspect, some for the education, and some go just to delay having to get a job for a few more years. It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is, the main point about going to university is ensuring that you had fun in the process. Students are famed for their nights out and wild activities, but one of the most social and fun aspects of the system as a whole is the huge number of clubs and societies which are on offer. Many universities all over the world have any number of weird societies. The one in Keele in the United Kingdom has a Harry Potter Society, one of the universities in London offers a zombie survival society. Long story short, there really is something for everyone to do if you do go to university.

This really does beg the question as to why when my time came to go to university that I took up one of the most physically demanding challenges there is. I could have gone to the sewing society to learn a new skill, or the gentle jogging one if I wanted to get my fitness up but no. I went down a different path and chose one which I thought would be able to do both. I decided to try my hand at rowing…

Now normally rowing would be considered my ideal sport. It is done by slightly posh people in the UK and they seem to spend their days lazily floating down the rivers, enjoying the scenery that is passing them by. That is definitely not the reality of being in the rowing club. The hours were awful, the strain on my body was horrific, and there was the sudden realisation that there are no nice and clean stretches of water in the area where my university was based. I was that far behind from the start that I considered looking at the best rated rowing machine online, buying it, and then setting it up in my room before I realised that I didn’t have the space or dedication to do this either. It turns out that you have to be incredibly strong to row a boat, and when you look at the two twiglets I have for arms I should have been able to tell that we were going to have issues from the get go. The club make me get up at 5am in the summer to practise as their always seemed to be a competition just around the corner and they have targeted me as the weak link. The first couple of times this happened I was not ok with it. I was bleary eyed and probably a danger to the ducks on the river as I couldn’t see where I was going in the slightest, however after a few morning of getting up like this….I still hadn’t got used to it and hated it.

The only redeeming point about the rowing club was the social aspect. It was probably the reason for my complete lack of ability in the boat, but one thing I could do was drink and drink well. Getting a pint of beer inside me posed no problems at all for me and I am 95% sure that this is the only reason the club kept me on as a member. My social skills were a hell of a lot better than my rowing ones. I could already hear social secretary calling me as a role and if I could just work out how to do this fun bit of the club without having to do all of that hard rowing stuff I would be laughing!

As much as I moaned about elements of the rowing club I would not have changed a thing. I loved my time in it and would certainly do it all over again. I may just go to the gym slightly more often that I did the bar but that’s another story for another day!