How to always look cool

If you’re someone who struggles for hours in the bathroom and in front of the mirror every day, trying to look as cool as possible but convinced you never get it right, it probably infuriates you to see others seemingly fall out of bed and straight into the awesome realm of coolness without even trying.

Never fear, help is here. You, too, can find the secret to always looking cool with the minimum amount of effort. All it takes is a little preparation.

One of the things people fret about way too much is their hair. You might spend hours in the morning shampooing it and adding all kinds of exotic product that you’ve seen advertised by your favorite stars. Then even more time blow drying, spraying and curling it, and then restyling it over and over until you simple have to get going.

What you should know is that those very same Hollywood celebs who get paid to sponsor those hair products, probably never us them. It’s a badly-kept secret in celebrity circles that if you want awesome looking hair, don’t wash it the night before you style it. That’s right, they all have greasy hair, which is then styed as it retains its shape much better than dry, freshly washed hair. So, the next time you have a big date, remember not to bother washing your hair – just give it a bit of shape and relax. People will notice the difference and won’t guess how oily your scalp is at that moment.

Another easy tip for dealing with awkward hair is simply to cover it up. You don’t necessarily have to wear a wig – although a good wig in a style based on your natural hair is definitely an option. Sometimes all you need is a baseball cap. Everyone who wears a baseball cap looks between five and ten percent cooler than they did without it, so just wear it whenever possible.

Similar in function to baseball caps are sunglasses. Sunglasses are cool for two reasons. Firstly, they are worn all the time by people who live in places which have sunny climates and sound cool, such as Pacific Palisades and Bodega Bay. Even if it’s winter and you live in Minneapolis, there will be a hint of a suggestion that you might either be going to or coming back from Bodega Bay. The second reason is that major celebrities wear shades all the time to reduce their chances of being spotted and hounded by the paparazzi. You, too can pull off this look, mastered by groups as varied as the Chinese nouveau riche and the Russian mafia. Just walk around Walmart with your shades on and people might assume you’re a celeb in town for a shoot and you wanted to pick up some Cheetos or some toilet paper on your break. Make sure you choose from the most fashionable options for the look that’s best for you.

The surest way to really look cool, though, is to look confident. With enough confidence and a haughty strut, you can transform yourself from Stan Hardy into Razor Ramon or from Ugly Betty into Lady Gaga. Put your shoulders back. Don’t rush around. Strut around as if every step had a deliberate meaning. Don’t make eye contact with people unless you mean to interact with them. Pretend that you haven’t heard people so they have to go out of their way to get your attention. This reinforces the impression that while you haven’t even noticed them, all they can think of is somehow getting your attention for just a second.

Obviously your clothes and footwear say a lot about you and you’re not going to be considered cool by the ballers if you show up wearing a pair of old gym shoes. You have to have a wardrobe for every occasion. If you have no hope of fitting in with a certain crowd, it’s better you stay away from them. Even if they don’t laugh in your face and start throwing food at you, they won’t know how to interact with you. The cool cheerleader look isn’t going to win you any friends in mosher circles any more than wearing gang attire would make you popular with the math club.