How To Auto-Like On Instagram

Social media is one of the most powerful sources of communication and marketing. While many people use Instagram for keeping in touch with family and friends, others are social media influencers.

Still others are businesses reaching out to customers by linking their photos and posts back to their online shops. Businesses seeking more followers on Instagram use automation services to like other followers’ posts, leave comments, and follow other users.

However, recently many of the most popular automation services were shutdown because they violate Instagram’s terms of service. Automation services like Archie, Mass Planner, Instagress and more have been shut down.

Automation is a smart choice for businesses that are looking to expand and attract customers back to their main site. Have you ever had a random like from someone you didn’t know on your Instagram post and went to check out who it was that liked it?

More than likely, it was a likely from an Instagram bot that automatically liked your post because you fit some criteria that was arranged through the service. It is the best way to reach out to people who might not be on your business’s radar without taking up too much of your valuable time.

However, it is important to remember some tips and tricks for using an automation service so that you don’t get caught.

The Benefits of Instagram Bots

Instagram bots will automate the mundane processes of liking photos, commenting on users’ posts, and following people–all which can lead people back to your Instagram, and potentially send new, organic clicks to your site. Plus some of these services allow you to schedule posts so that you can better manage your time.

All of these actions are automated through the service, and set up by you based on your desired criteria: hashtags, user types, location, and more can be sorted to target key people. This helps you cut time off your social media marketing and lets you focus on parts of your business that really matter. It’s like auto-pilot for your Instagram account.

And companies such as Follow Adder can help you do just that. In addition to auto-liking and auto-commenting, Follow Adder can help you gain followers by auto-following other users, who will follow you back.

Keeping in mind that the use of these bots is against Instagram’s terms of service, when used properly, and with some manual labor on the user’s part, you can easily fly under the radar and go unnoticed. Many of the top services offer a free trial, which can do great things for your brand during the free period. It is a bit of an ethical quandary when considering whether to use these services.

Like it or not, however, using an automation service gives you an edge up against your competitive businesses, and will boost your brand.

The Drawbacks of Instagram Bots

As already mentioned, the top drawback to Instagram bots is that they are against the terms of service for the social media platform. Consider whether you are willing to do something that violates the rules and regulations before considering your options for automation.

Many of the services that provide Instagram automation have been shut down and are working on revising their business models to improve their relationship with Instagram. Another drawback is that sometimes it can be pretty obvious that you are not the one liking posts or leaving comments. If you aren’t occasionally doing your own work, you will be caught and your account can be suspended.

Plus your comments need to be authentic occasionally, or the people you’re targeting are going to disregard your comment altogether and you’ll miss out on a chance to attract someone to your page.

Tips For Using A Bot

If you’re going to be successful using an automation service, you’re going to have to put in the effort; to understand the platform, and to set up the criteria for your automation. Some of the services aren’t super user-friendly, so shop around and find something you like that makes the most sense to you.

One of the most popular services is Follow Adder, another great service is Influx. Both of these services are highly rated, and offer a wide range of options for posting, liking and more. Another important tip is to limit your automation so that you don’t appear to be spam to other users.

Many people prefer not to use the comment automation services or to narrow their comments to niche groups of people. Stay up-to-date on the latest information on automation services. These companies are changing constantly in order to comply with Instagram (and some are outright shut down).

Keep researching to stay informed. Keeping up with your brand on Instagram is incredibly important, so find the right balance between automation and the human social media experience.