How to Get More Traffic to Your Online Store Via Instagram

“How can I drive more traffic to my e-commerce store?”

This thought crosses the mind of every store owner at some point.

Let us say you have taken time and a lot of effort to set up your online store, only to eagerly open up the store and then you find that you don’t have the sales you have been dreaming about. On the other hand, you might have seen a steady growth for the past 1 year, and then all of a sudden the sales hit an unending plateau.

So, whether you are just setting up your store and you need to attract your first customer, or you have an established store and you are looking to get the 5000th customer of the month, you need to generate more traffic to the store.

You can get traffic easily to the store using Instagram as your stepping store. Let us look at how you can do this.

Use Instagram Ads

This is an incredible visual platform. Lately, Instagram has come up with 1-minute videos to allow you to add video to your posts. With video, you can do anything you want. One of the best ways to make use of the videos is to come up with an ad for your brand. The ad can be anything, from showing what you do behind the scenes or what your services or products have helped someone.

Either way, you need to make sure you pass a message across that entices your audience to get to your landing page. Include a call to action depending on what your objectives are. If you need more subscribers, then tell your audience to signup. If you want to sell an item, end with a call to them to buy.

Use the Right Kind of Hashtags

When customers search for an item on Instagram, does your profile come up, and how far from the top does it sit? You might appear on the list, but if you are way at the bottom, you become irrelevant.

Using the right kinds of hashtags places you at the top of the list. You look more authoritative when you are at the top.

One of the ways to use hashtags is to undertake research. Get to know what is trending and what isn’t, and then choose what is relevant to you. You can also use a few hashtags that are specific to your brand so that you can focus on a targeted audience.

Getting the right hashtags for your Instagram marketing efforts might not be as easy as you think. You have to go through so many just to get what you need. A few years ago, marketers could handle their hashtags easily using Instagress, a tool that automated the whole process. Sadly, the tool was stopped, leaving many marketers wondering what to do next. The Small Business Blog has an answer to those who are wondering which way to go to make their automation dreams come true.

In Closing

Increasing website traffic to your e-commerce store is not as easy as you think. You can use Instagram ads for this task and leverage the power of hashtags for this purpose.