How to Say Goodbye to Your Old Car

You may have an old car that just sits there inside your garage. However, the time to get rid of it will eventually come, yet right now, you still are unprepared. The question you most likely are asking yourself is, “How?”


If your car is still functional, then the first solution that comes to mind is to sell your car. If you think that it is difficult to find a buyer, worry not, since people often look for an affordable used car to purchase. First, you may want to check if you still have a debt with regards to your vehicle. Second, you need to drop by a mechanic and have them put your car back to top condition. Lastly, you may either trade it in a dealership or sell it privately, neither of them is the wrong option.


One advantage of a dealership is security since there are low chances that they will scam you. Furthermore, you most likely would have an easier time selling your car, if you trade it in. All you have to do is smog-test your car, then once it passes, you can negotiate with the dealers. However, do note that your vehicle will sell for cheap in a dealership compared to selling it on your own. Overall, you benefit from convenience and security, in exchange for less profit.

Private Selling

Of course, you need to be patient and find a transaction that will be in your favor. Always stay positive, particularly when interested buyers start to contact you regarding your car. Eventually, you need to prepare highly-detailed images of your vehicle to ensure buyers that it is legit. If you exert effort and take time to sell your old car, you may find a sweet deal, sufficient to for you to profit, or at least return your investment. Yes, there are cases in which people attain more than their car’s wholesale price, and you too can do this.


Besides selling, there is also the option of scrapping your car. In fact, you can just go online and then search for scrapping services, wherein you will find multiple companies willing to break down your car. Its advantage is you just need to give your car away, then you get money, quite simple, right? Although, you need to look for a registered scrapping site and watch out for illegal ones. If you are searching for one, then check this scrap car company in Coventry at, since they offer an authentic scrapping service.


People often wonder what to do with old cars, besides keeping them in their garage. If you need to get rid of yours, then you may opt for selling or scrapping. You may sell a car either privately or by trading it in a dealership. The former is much more profitable but also a hassle and may be risky, while the latter only nets you lower cash but the process is simple. As for scrapping, all you have to do is give your car away to a registered service, and then you get paid.