How to Use a Table Saw

Woodworking is not only a very popular hobby but is also a useful skill for those who like to do some DIY. An important part of woodworking is having the correct tools.

A tool that can save you a lot of time and money is a table saw. Some people are wary about buying a table saw as it is quite a complex tool to buy. The best thing to do is to go to a specialist site to research table saws before you buy. A site such as for the information and reviews of the different table saws available. This is probably going to be your biggest purchase, so make sure you buy one with the features that you need.

What is a Table Saw?

This tool is a bench or table with a circular saw blade sticking up through the table. The table supports the wood and the saw blade is driven by a motor. You can vary the cut by moving the blade up and down for shallow or deeper cuts.

Table saws are perceived as being more dangerous than any other type of electric saw. This is because, unlike other electric saws, you are not holding the saw but holding the wood.

What is a Table Saw Used For?

There are some jobs that are easier when carried out on a table saw.

  • If you need to cut many pieces of wood the same length. When you do this by hand, however careful you are they will not all be precisely the same length. When you have a table saw, you can set it correctly and cut piece after piece and they will be identical.
  • When you are working on a long piece of wood, and need to cut down it, this is easier when using a table saw. If you try to do this with a hand circular saw you will find it is almost impossible to keep straight plus it is very hard work.
  • The design of a table saw is such that if you are using it to cut large pieces of wood, they are very stable. Imagine trying to cut these by hand and keep them still and steady.
  • You can adjust the depth of the table saw blade. This means you can easily create different depth of cuts and you can create notches and chamfers.
  • The blade of your table saw can be adjusted to cut different angles. This makes it an extremely versatile tool.
  • It is far easier to keep your workshop clean and tidy when using a table saw with a dust extractor. No more having sawdust flying around your workshop.

Best Ways to Use Your Table Saw

Here are a few tips that will make it easier to use your table saw.

  • Always double check your measurements are correct before cutting. Before you use a new table saw, ensure that the attached ruler is totally accurate. Do not use it until you know it is correct.
  • Make sure that the wood is kept firmly in place. Ensure you buy the accessories you need to keep your fingers away from the spinning blade such as push sticks and shoes, and featherboards.
  • Blade height. It is very important that you set the blade height correctly. When your blade is at the correct height, the spaces between the teeth are just below the top of the wood. This means that the sawdust doesn’t get pulled back into the blade as there is enough air coming into the cut space.
  • Correct blades. There are different blades for different tasks. Make sure you use the correct blade for the job that you are doing. There are separate blades for ripping, cross-cutting, laminates and plastics. You can also buy a good quality combination blade if you carry out a multitude of jobs.
  • When you are cutting a long piece of wood, you need to work out what will happen to that piece of wood once it has been cut. Do a dry ‘walk through’ before you even cut it so you know if the wood will stay on the table, or if it is too long. Where possible, enlist the help of a willing friend.