Latest Tips to Get You More Instagram Followers

Starting out on Instagram can be a discouraging experience. Even with the millions of users that access the platform each day, attracting the right kind of followers can be agonizing.

You don’t have to despair though, with the right strategy, you can turn your luck around. Let us look at the top tips to boost your follower count in no time at all.

Improve the Experience with a Bot

Getting the right bot can be a great way to improve your Instagram experience the right way. Medium points out that the right tool that provides Instagram auto followers will help you target and interact with users on the platform. This helps take the workload off your hands and will give you rapid growth.

Have Conversations

Another way to get followers is to take part in conversations. If someone writes a comment on your post, take time to give them the right reply back to them. Remember that Instagram, before anything else, is a social platform. It is aimed at connecting people and fostering very meaningful interactions. So, don’t be too uptight, get out there and make some friends!

Develop a Style

When it comes to Instagram, the audience will relate to the type of style that you develop. If you have a style that they love and you stick to it, then they will want to follow you. If on the other hand, you have a style that they see unfit, then they will ignore you.

So, the aesthetics you choose need to reflect your brand identity. Coming up with brand identity is all about thinking about what you desire to convey with the content.

The kind of style you choose can be formal or informal, fun loving and relaxed, or humorous. Choose one that will resonate with your users so that you can get them to love what you post and invite other people to follow you as well.

You can communicate so many things through the colors of the content that you post. This gives your followers an understanding of the brand while you view the page. If they like the style that you project, you might win as many followers as possible.

Show Faces Often

According to studies, Instagrammers tend to enjoy images that have faces in them. Those Instagram users that have faces in them tend to get more than 35 percent likes than those faces without.

It is just natural that our faces are made to recognize faces as well as interpret the expressions. When a user browses through a feed, faces stand out better than any other feature.

Light Your Photos well

There are so many photos on Instagram, sadly, a large percentage of the images are poorly lit, which means they are bypassed. What you need to do in this case is to try and light up your images well. Make sure the images are clear and bright enough. However, don’t wash them out with too much light.

Ask Questions

Have you ever realized that many Instagrammers love responding to questions? Instagram is full of people that want to be seen and heard, and you can make them feel appreciated when you ask them questions, and they answer. Instead of posting your personal opinions each day, try and solicit their personal preferences and opinions regarding your content. Who knows, you might end up with valuable insight to use for the future.

Final Thoughts

Getting followers for your Instagram account is a huge task that you need to approach with zeal. If you do it right, you will soon have thousands of followers who are ready to interact with you.