Making the Right Headphone Selection

The world of headphones has evolved quite a bit since their early days where you could buy a walkman device that came with flat, circular headphones that didn’t do much but provide low-quality audio. These days, there are many more styles and quality options to choose from.

While variety is always good, the huge amount of headphones on the market can make it difficult to select the right ones for you. The comprehensive buyer’s guide first seen at Dextro Audio will give you an idea of the large scope of headphone assortments. You should make your choice of headphones right for your specific needs.

Earbuds Are All the Rage

Earbuds have become really trendy since they are often packaged with popular MP3 players and cell phones. These small headphones fit directly into the ear and are often tiny and lightweight. One of the main issues with earbuds is their potential to fall out of your ear if they are not snug and secure. They can also come out of your ears when you are doing physical activities like exercising.

These types of headphones are widely available and some can be had for very good prices. The audio is not always the best but many people prefer this style as their main choice for casual music listening. You may want to find a pair that can provide decent quality audio while also keeping a good amount of outside noise out. They can also be pretty stylish, coming in a wide range of colors.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones typically surround the ears and feature a design that is supposed to keep outside sounds to a bare minimum. These types of headphones can be a little weighty and may need their own batteries to operate. They are very good for use when you are in noisy environments and want to hear your own audio. You can enjoy your music selections with less distraction with noise cancelling headphones and they allow you to keep your volume lower than you would have to with other choices.

This may be the best option for listening to audio books and for taking a nap with your headphones on. Their potential heaviness may make them less than ideal for physical activities but they definitely have their place when you want to focus only on the sounds that they are delivering.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have made huge gains in popularity due to their convenient audio output and design. Thy often use Bluetooth technology to transmit audio from a nearby source that eliminates the need for bothersome wires that can get knotted and downright get in the way.

This style of headphones tends to be stylish and is often selected by younger folks who are aware of what’s fresh and new. Wireless headphones still need to advance more in their quality of audio that is not always up to par with many wired headphones that are available. Like a lot of other new technology that is out there, they are often costly and seem to be more of a fashion statement than great audio producers. Over time, wireless headphones should improve in the sound that they deliver and grow even more in popularity.

Ear Canal Headphones

You can grab some ear canal headphones that are tiny enough to fit deeper into your ear than other types of headphones for a really close audio experience. These types of headphones let you hear the bass and volume levels in a unique way that is preferred by some headphone users. The fit of these headphones are disliked by some users since they fit so deep into the ear and can cause an increase in ear wax.

Their direct link to your ears is also a plus to some users who like their sounds to be up-close and personal. They also do a good job of keeping outside sounds out of the equation but you have to be careful that they are not pushed too deep into the ears so that they don’t do any damage to them. You should also limit the amount of time that you wear these headphones since they are more suited for short-term.

The right headphones for you will likely be different than the next person so you will be better off by trying several styles to see which you like the best. You may even want to have several styles at home that you can use in certain situations. Once you have the pair that feels and fits right, you can then comfortably groove to your tunes the way you want to.