Pampered Pooches

Ever since I was a girl, I have always loved dogs. I love all dogs, big ones, small ones, long haired, short haired, girls or boys, I really don’t care, I cannot get enough of them.

We always had lots of family pets and when I was growing up, we always had a minimum of 2 dogs but from what I can remember, it was usually 4 or more.

Our dogs were always treated as full on members of the family and had the run of our house and garden. So it was no real surprise that when I became an adult and bought my own house, I filled my home full of dogs.


I have 4 dogs, 2 large, short haired dogs, an Alsatian and Rottweiler and 2 small long haired dogs, a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu and each one has a large personality and are such fun.

As you can imagine, having four dogs in my home is chaotic, they are all lively and loud and such a joy to have around.

I also have two kids, so my life is a bit crazy. I am always busy caring for, feeding and walking both my kids and my dogs and that was without being a wife and my job as a busy hairdresser too.  I certainly had my hands full.


As time is short, being ultra-organised is so important. I have calendars, to do lists and pre-prepare everything.  My kids are slightly older, 7 and 9, so they put together their own lunches for school and they only get pocket money, if they do household chores, keep their respective rooms tidy and help to look after the dogs. Another time saver is instead of going to my hairdressing salon, I always cut my family’s hair at home. I have everything I need to do this and it is quick and easy.  My kids love having their own stylist at home and they have started following fashion, so they always ask me for the latest trendy haircut.

Hair Cuts

I also trimmed my dog’s hair too. I am lucky with my dogs, they love having a wash and blow dry and are real pampered pooches.

Eventually, I started to experiment with my dogs’ haircuts. It was fun, I would use the clippers and my scissors, bath them, cut and blow dry their hair and generally make them look very beautiful.

My dogs were always hilarious when I was blow drying their coats. They liked opening their mouths and playing with the air, they loved the warm air and would even fall asleep sometimes.

Blow Dry

You can buy specialist hairdryers for dogs but I have always used my own.  I did buy a more powerful one, as it was quicker to blow dry my bigger dogs’ coats.  I always use a website called Oomphed! for advice on hairdryers, it has reviews and hairdryer best picks.

When I was out walking the dogs, people commented on what lovely dogs they were and how beautiful their coats were.  I always said that I cut their hair myself and how easy it was to do.

It wasn’t long before people started asking me if I would cut their dogs coats.  I loved doing it, so I always agreed to do it.

It wasn’t long before my week was full of pampering people’s pooches.  I reduced my hours at my hairdressing salon and took on more doggie clients at home.

I was in my element.  I was using my hairdressing skills to work with people’s beloved dogs and started to really hone my skills.

It got to the point where I had to stop cutting hair in my salon completely, I did love that but I loved my new job more.  I handed over the reins to my assistant manager, who would run the salon daily and I would stay at home and pamper dogs on a full time basis. It was crazy!

New Business

The business was huge and my house was becoming a mess, I had leads and bowls and animals everywhere.  Having so many dogs in my home became a bit disruptive to my every day family life. So, I thought I would branch out and looked into buying premises for my new business and ended up buying a Pet Salon.

I now have more than 30 dogs coming into the salon daily. I am now thinking of branching out to groom longhaired cats, rabbits and any other animals that need grooming and pampering.

I am so lucky, I have found the perfect job for me, combining my talent with my passion. Amazing.