Six Ways to Stay Entertained During your Next Beach Getaway

Everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! When you are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts, work, and emotions going for a beach getaway can be quite refreshing. Spending an entire day soaking up in the sun, watching the magnificence of shimmering waters, while letting your feet feel the earthly effect of the sand; what’s not to love about a beach getaway?

Well, if you have been on a few beach getaways, you are probably thinking, “what’s new?” Ideally, beach getaways are usually meant to be fun and relaxing, but if you feel like you have exhausted all the excitement that can be “found on a beach,” here are a few ways you can keep yourself entertained during your next beach getaway.


Carry a Wireless Speaker


In today’s modern world of iPads, iPods, and smartphones, you are probably wondering why you would need a wireless speaker. Well, first and foremost the sound quality emitted by these devices is not as clear and as loud as that emitted by Bluetooth speakers, due to the size of the small speakers on smartphones and other devices.

When you hear of wireless, you probably immediately think of portable! This is one of the exciting things about wireless speakers, you can easily carry them around the beach. For instance, if you want to exercise or play volleyball with your friends, you can easily carry and place it at your desired location.

Also, unlike your phone or iPod, some wireless speakers are water resistant and sand proof, which means that they are well suited for the beach environment. Some of these speakers can give you about seven hours of play-time before needing to be recharged. And by the way, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to blue tooth speakers, such as speakers which also act as power banks.

Stay Active


“What would be the essence of a vacation without the relaxation?” this is probably the question on your mind. However, one great way of staying entertained during your beach getaway would be to remain active. So, if you usually run on a treadmill at the gym, why not turn the beautiful beach into an “awesome natural gym,” and do some laps? You get to keep up with your healthy routine while staying excited.

Also, if you are feeling adventurous, several exciting activities can take place at the beach, such as learning how to surf. You may also want to go snorkeling and see what is underneath the spectacular sea.

Set Up a Beach Bonfire


If you are not into crowds, then you should consider heading out to the beach after sunset and setting up a campfire, with friends. You can grill your marshmallows or food on the fire, as you tell each other stories whilst listening to the moving sound of ocean waves. You can also bring a Bluetooth speaker to “turn up the music” all night long.

Bring a Book


Is there a particular book you have been craving to finish reading, but time and interruptions have not allowed you to do this in peace? Well, bring that book along with you on your beach getaway. Your getaway has allowed you ample time to get to the conclusion parts of your book, finally! So, carry a comfortable chair or hammock, and find a quiet place where you can get a peaceful reading experience.

Get Those Amazing Shots


If you have been yearning to “upgrade” your social media pictures, then the beach provides a perfect backdrop for taking awesome selfies or just photos. On the other hand, if you are a photography enthusiast, a beach getaway presents an ideal opportunity for you to practice your photography skills.



Well, you are at the beach, and the sun is just at the “right temperature,” so you might as well get some vitamin D benefits. Sunbathing might not be so exciting, but it is quite relaxing. Just make sure that you do not take in a dangerous amount of sunlight, and that you use sufficient sunscreen on your skin.

Whether you go as a group or you go to the beach alone, you should not let your beach getaway be boring. Use one or all of these six ways to stay entertained and relaxed during your beach getaway