The New Wave in Security Systems

If you’re looking to start a new business, you’re probably wondering what kind of security system you might need to protect your building and stock, if you sell merchandise. Or, perhaps you’re interested in beefing up your current system to update it with the times. Old-fashioned keys and locks went out of style years ago and weren’t very effective against burglars. The newest trend for building security is electronic locking systems with individual keycard access.

With these types of systems, the electronic keypad locks the door and only an ID can open it. The system is programmable by the user. Because of that, you can control which employees are allowed through which doors. Also, you can track who comes in and when they come in. This way, you can control every part of your security. And in the event you fire an employee, you can disable their card immediately, whether or not they return it to you.

Businesses that need this type of security are usually high-powered ones or ones that have a lot more to protect. Although, any business could have this type of security if you want it. It’s much safer than your standard building security, which only uses regular keys (which can be stolen or copied). Plus, you can track your employees better than with standard systems. And, it will help police by tracking when and where the employees entered.

This system has electronic locks that require an ID card to unlock each door. The lock reads the information encoded in the card and opens the door if the data is correct. If an employee who is not allowed in a certain area tries to get in and their card doesn’t allow access, the system will record that and may-with certain programming-alert you about it. Some locks require the employee to swipe their card across the laser while others require the person to place their card into the reader for a certain amount of time.

However, with this system, everyone requires an ID card. Each employee will need one of these cards to get inside the building. Also, each card must be personalized for that employee. An employee with a higher position may need access to more areas than a lower position employee. This may seem daunting, having to customize a card for every person you employ, but with Easy ID Cards, you don’t have to worry.

The website has step-by-step instructions on how to create the ID cards. Plus, there are no downloads required for this process. Simply follow the directions and your cards will be on their way. If you don’t want to create the cards from scratch, there are premade templates you can choose from instead. And, these cards are plastic PVC and are extremely durable. They are credit card size, making them easy to carry to and from work.

After designing your cards, the order will be printed and shipped within twenty-four hours. There are no set up fees and no minimum to create the ID cards. This makes it cheap and easy to create and ship your cards when you start your business. And, if you hire more employees after your original order, you can order one or two cards for the new people.

Now, there are several different types of cards available for this security system. One type utilizes magnetic stripe cards, which is like a regular credit card. It has a magnetic stripe on the back of it, which the electronic scanner can read.

Two, the multifunction cards, which can not only open doors but work computers or even copiers or other office or manufacturing equipment. There are several types of technologies that can be built into the card.

Third, if your employee will be handling their card a lot, ghost imaging is an overcoat to help protect the card better.

Fourth, holographic cards may have a hologram, a barcode, a PDF symbology, or other such accessories embedded into the card.

Fifth, if you want to endorse a green approach, you can get bio-degradable cards. These break down easier and are less harmful to the Earth.

If you’re just starting a business and looking for security systems, the best type is an electronic locking mechanism. This type has an electronic lock at each door that requires an ID card. Each card can grant access to different areas of the building simultaneously. The system will log which employee enters which area and when they enter. This way, you can keep track of your employees and it will help police if they need to know where each employee was at a certain time. Also, if you fire an employee, you can shut down their card immediately so they’ll no longer have access to any of the doors in the building, even if they still possess their card. The card creating website is easy to use and your cards will be printed and shipped within twenty-four hours. It also has step-by-step directions on how to use it and has ready-made templates.