The Top 10 Milk Frother Reviews in 2015

If you own an espresso machine, and frequently enjoy your lattes, then having the best milk froth is paramount. According to Espresso Gusto, you want a machine that foams your milk perfectly and does so in no time at all. This review will present the best 2015 milk frothers that are currently in the market. I have come to this conclusion by comparing the capacity, prices, and features of the products.

  1. Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

This milk frother is the best there is in the market. It has a maximum capacity of 130ml (for milk froth preparation) and 250ml (for hot milk preparation). This item gives the user the option of hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, and hot milk for lattes. It has maximum and minimum level indicators, which are perfect for those of us who never know when it is too little or too much. The detachable base makes it very convenient to clean without having to worry about wetting the wires. The best feature though is the fact that you get your milk frothed in less than 70 seconds! It is very small and light, at just 3 pounds and practically takes up no space on your kitchen counter. It costs $97.98 + free shipping.

  1. Nespresso Aeroccino3 3594 White Milk Frother

This milk frother has a stainless steel interior (which is great for maintaining the freshness of the milk). It comes with 3 color options, Red, white, or black. Its exterior has a wavy pattern, which not only makes it pop but also gives you a great grip when handling it. This milk froth quickly heats from 0 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a one-touch operation device. With a click of a button (the only button on the item), you have the option of cold or hot froth. For hot froth, simply give the button a quick click. For cold froth, hold the button down for a while then release. It costs $99 + free shipping.

  1. Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer, Cappuccino Maker

This milk frother is within the same price range as the Nespresso. However, it has more additional features that are great for people who like to experiment with different types of milk. It works with normal milk, almond milk, low fat milk, and even soymilk! The best thing about this device is that it is multitasked. It not only provides hot froth milk but also cold froth milk.

  1. Froth Au Lait FNS-W Froth ‘N Sauce, White

This is the most powerful milk froth in the market. It includes 1 froth whip for meringue-like topping, and 1 sauce whip that makes gourmet sauces, gravies and desserts. It can prepare sauces or desserts in 4 minutes or less and 3 minutes to froth the milk. It is fully automatic and shuts off immediately when done. It comes with 75 easy to prepare recipes as an added bonus.

  1. Cafe Casa Stainless Steel Milk Frother

The Cafe Casa is a 2-speed hand held battery operated milk frother. It is idea for those who do not want to spend a lot on a milk frother but still want a quality frother. Its two-speed motor enables you to make hot or iced lattes with abundant, delicious foam. Its stainless steel design is easy to clean. It costs $19.97 + free shipping.

  1. Keurig Cafe One-Touch Milk Frother

This item makes frothed or warmed milk. It has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean. Its pitcher is cordless, which makes it easy to move around. It has a single start button that turns on the device and the machine automatically shuts off once it is done.

  1. Bodum Latte Milk Frother

This device is a 0.2 l, 6 oz, Glass/Off White battery operated and is perfect for outdoor use. If you are going camping, this milk frother is easy to carry and requires batteries to operate. It gives well-frothed milk and requires no electricity to operate. It costs $68.79 + free shipping.

  1. Cuisinart FR-10 Tazzaccino Milk Frother

This device comprises of a non-stick milk tank that is easy to clean. It weighs 4 pounds and costs roughly the same as the Nespresso. It prepares hot and cold milk in approximately 1 minute. It is perfect for hot chocolate, lattes, or Cappuccinos.

  1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

This is one of the heaviest milk frother weighing in at 5 pounds. It produces smooth and silky latte frothing, and thick, creamy Cappuccino frothing.

  1. Jura Automatic Milk Frother

This Swiss designed milk frother weighs in at 4 pounds. It has a maximum capacity of 8oz (for milk froth preparation) and 12oz (for hot milk preparation). It comes with 2 frothing disks and has 3 temperature settings the user can choose from.

To enjoy a great cup of latte or a cappuccino, owning the best milk frother is very important. There are many brands available to all customers. From electric milk frothers that prepare your milk in 70 seconds, to battery operated milk frothers, high-end milk frothers to pocket friendly ones, customers are spoilt for choice.