Tips to Take Corporate Gifts to a New Level

Getting the perfect corporate gift for clients has never been easier considering the advances in technology and the wide variety of corporate gift ideas available. With the large array of gift ideas comes the challenge of getting the right gift for any occasion. Before you get out and start hunting for the perfect gift for your clients, you need to understand d the essentials of corporate gifting.

Research, Research, and Research More

You first need to understand what corporate gifts are popular with the clientele. As much as you want to stay unique, you also need to stay within given standards that are permitted within the country. Find out what the top ten or twenty popular gifts are from Source SG: corporate gifts suppliers, and then use the information to come up with the perfect one for your needs.

You also need to check the corporate policies regarding gifts for companies. Remember, the government or company might limit the dollar value of the gift. You also have to check with the clients so that they don’t return the item.

Determine the Wants

Understanding what to buy for a client is one of the biggest challenges that any business can go through when buying a corporate gift. You might think you have the best one only for the client to see it as worthless. The situation doesn’t get better because you don’t know the client personally. The best bet is to do a survey just to know the customer better.

Whatever you do, make sure you consider the quality of the item you are giving as a gift. This is because any gift you give out will reflect the image of the company. If you go for lower quality items, you reflect a poor image of the company. However, make sure you don’t break the budget when it comes to buying the ideal gift item.

Understand Cultural Differences

Each country has its own beliefs, cultural practices and has their own rules for the corporate gifting process. Make sure you understand the various aspects of culture before you make the purchasing decision.

Customize It

Nothing gives meaning to a corporate gift than customization. Customization comes in various ways. For once, you can add the colors of your business theme to the gift so that you make it stand out and add identity to the item. You can also use the details of the recipient to make the gift unique. This way you end up with a memorable item that will make the recipient happy.

Don’t Forget the Packaging

As important as it is to choose the right corporate gift for a client, the packaging is also important. Spend some time and cash to reflect the value the client brings to the company. You can use a gift wrapping service to achieve this.

Give It out Personally

When giving out gifts, you need to deliver them personally. You can do this at a mini-ceremony in the company premises or face to face when they visit your company for business. Delivering the gift personally puts you at the top of the mind of the client.

Know the Best Time to Give the Gift

You need to understand the right time to give the client the gift. The right timing will make the difference between the gift being memorable and it is pointless.


Whether you are giving your clients or employees corporate gifts, you need to follow various tried-and-tested tips to make this a success. Make sure you have the perfect gift then go ahead to package it the right way. The way you present the gift makes a huge difference in how it gets received by the recipient.