Top 3 Headphones for Professional DJ’s

Whether you are a vinyl or Digital DJ or a mix of both, your choice of headphones is crucial to cue your music on time and at the right volume for your audience. You can be flashy as you fancy, even have headphones with flashing lights.

The choice can be very daunting if you do not have a clear idea of what you want and are not familiar with the brands and variations in type.

I have been a professional DJ in Ibiza for 8 years and it is so important to make your audience enjoy themselves and the music is the key to that.  If you can hear it, you may as well give up so headphones (apart from your decks/digital equipment) are the most important piece of kit you will ever have.

Personally, I spend a lot of time with my headphones half hanging off my head, I have tripped over the cables and sound has cut out when my headphones gave up due to being overworked. All in a day’s work! The models I have reviewed below are, in my opinion, 3 of the best at this current time.

Sennheiser – HD25 1 II

Headphones 1This make is without doubt the most popular in the world. Not only with DJ’s but casual listeners to music. This model (although updated) has been ear candy for DJs since 1988. I have used these myself and they are durable, comfortable with high quality noise cancellation. I have used these in clubs, festivals and gigs and they work in any environment. The sound is crystal clear. I would say they are at their most comfortable in the first few hours but do become a little uncomfortable if you wear them for any longer. You can detach and replace almost any part of these headphones. These headphones do have a cable but it is on the right hand side to minimise tangle or getting caught up in anything.

AKG – K81

HeadphonesThese headphones have a closed cup shape and have amazing noise isolation. The headphones have a fully adjustable top clasp on the headband that can be used to adjust to fit your head perfectly.  The sound on these headphones is excellent, particularly with the bass.

These headphones were designed with an lengthy two and a half metre cable that is more than long enough to have you move about the place freely. The ear cups are fully reversible and accommodate single ear monitoring and although these headphones might not have as clearly defined high frequency reproduction as some higher end models. I believe these headphones to be some of the best for the money on the market currently.

Shure – SRH750DJ

jam-transit-headphone-angle-a-red-fnl_1_1_1These headphones were designed specifically for cueing and mixing and to be somewhat durable. The closed cup earphones can be swivelled (with comfort in mind) for DJs who favour single ear monitoring and have a thick adjustable headband.

The headphones have a standard length cable. Sound isolation is excellent and the bass sound is very clear. A pouch and quarter-inch adapter are included.


rh1060-wireless-stereo-headphonesUnless you are a DJ starting up from scratch, expense is not really an issue as quality of your headphones is so crucial to your success and your audience’s enjoyment.

There are so many headphones on the market and this is ever changing. Your choice will always come down to personal preference because we all wear our headphones differently, behind, on, above the ears.

You also don’t have to sacrifice quality for beauty, some of the new models are sleek, elegant and have excellent sound quality with value for money. I have opted for the Sennheiser as I have used these before and they fit my need as a DJ perfectly.