Understanding the Efficiency of Aluminium Curtain Walls

Architectural designs have taken the construction industry to new heights. Each day, architects spend sleepless nights trying to find better ways to come up with the best buildings ever. One of the latest ways to g the best project is to go for aluminum curtain walls.

What Is A Curtain Wall?

A curtain wall is a protective layer that is affixed on the outer wall of a building to protect the underlying structure. The trend was picked from the medieval times when the protective outer layering was used to protect castles to keep invaders out as well as protect the castle from the effects of elements such as rain and wind.

These curtain walls are used largely in commercial structures. You can get these curtain walls in different designs and materials, but today we look at aluminum curtain walls and what benefits they bring to your commercial structure.

Are You Planning to Upgrade the Look of Your Structure?

If you are seeking the perfect way to upgrade your structure, try aluminum curtain walls. From solid shutters to perforated types, you have various options when it comes to the kind of aluminum curtain walls to use. Your choice will depend upon your needs as an individual. The curtain wall can also incorporate other materials such as glass in different colors.

The Advantages of Using Aluminum walling

Aluminum walling comes with so many advantages that you need to understand so that you can decide to install on your commercial building or to retain it. Let us look at them.

Elegant and Efficient

The combination of aluminum and glass makes this a classy option to choose among the available ones. The use of glass also allows natural light to filter through, helping you cut down on energy consumption during the day.


Many offices are losing vital man-hours because they forget the importance of protecting their employees against UV rays. Exposure to UV rays is detrimental to the skin and leads to skin disease in the long run. You need to opt for materials that will let in the light while preventing UV rays from filtering through and causing damage to the skin.

Reduction in UV rays will depend on the material that you use along with aluminum frames. Using the right form of glass can cut reduce exposure up to 99 percent.

Protects Your Building

Aluminum frames are light but strong. The design of the walling will keep away the wind and any other natural forces that are acting against the commercial building.

Using aluminum curtain walling helps you prevent spread of fire from one floor to the next. This gives you a fire stop to prevent a fire from spreading quickly.

Partitioning Rooms Made Easy

Have you sat in your spacious office and thought how great it would be to partition it into various smaller rooms? Many people opt for concrete partitions, but at the end of the day, they don’t add any design improvement to space.

The need for extra storage space in various organizations has taken a new turn, with companies looking at the existing space to create more room. One of the best materials to use for partitioning is curtain walling.

You can change the configuration of any room by adding aluminum curtain walls. You can use the walls as part of the remodeling project. Using an aluminum curtain wall is cheaper as compared to other partitioning materials. You can use the walls to create a functional room from existing space, as well as adding privacy in a shared room. The open area can be a larger space, an unattractive wall or a basement.

Ideally, aluminum curtain walls don’t incorporate windows, though such a modification can be achieved easily. You need to plan the design so that you understand where the windows will go. Understand early enough how the final design will look like by coming up with the cross-sectional details of the wall. The lightweight feature of aluminum offers the designers the ability to create whatever design they desire while maintaining the functionality and performance required by modern building

Combining the strength of aluminum with glass sections, you can curve, angle or facet the walling to the desired finish. The partition will still allow light into both partitions.

Ideal for Spanning More Than One Floor

If you seek continuous glazing to span more than a single floor level, it is recommended that you use aluminum curtain walling. Curtin walling come in long mullions (vertical frames to hold the glass in place) that you cut to size or use as is. These mullions are strong enough to hold the glass in place regardless of the weather conditions.

Aluminum curtain walling is not meant to just keep the weather out, it is also supposed to add to the structural integrity and the look of the building. To this end, you need to make sure you carefully plan the building right from the bottom to the top. Make sure the fixing brackets are strong enough to secure the curtain wall into the structure.

Ease of Handling Makes it Easy to Install The Walling

If you have ever used a different material to build a partition or a curtain walling, you know how frustrating it can become. You will need complicated equipment to carry, fold, handle and fit the heavier materials.

This isn’t the case when it comes to using of aluminum curtain walling. This material is light in weight, making it easy for the workers to fold and fit. The walling also comes in different designs, sizes, and shapes, making it easy to fit and modify. This means you will require less equipment and fewer man-hours to have the walling fitted. The resulting wall will withstand the elements for decades without corroding or rusting, thereby maintaining the integrity of the structure for longer.


Aluminum curtain walling has all the durability, visual and low maintenance quality to make it ideal for commercial construction projects. Aluminum adds structural integrity and offers quality construction for long-term performance.