Wedding Reception Music: What You Need to Do

The wedding reception is the last session you have to attend before you part ways with your guests. It is during this time that your guests get to celebrate together with you, the newly married couple. Therefore, every part of the celebration should be able to offer contentment and satisfaction not only to you as the newly-wed couple but the visitors as well. There are various elements that will make your reception a success including great meals, a comfortable venue, and of course, great music.

Wedding music is vital both to the wedding and to the reception. It is possible that at the church and throughout the procession, soft and mellow music was the norm. The next step is a bit liberal and allows you to choose music that your guests can dance to.

This is the time to unwind, and the role of the wedding singer changes from being a crooner to being an entertainer and a showman.

Choice of Music

The time of the reception requires a varied kind of music. You can decide to dance to a funky or jazzy tune or have a mix of several to satisfy the needs of the guests. The guests need to stay entertained without leaving you behind. Consider the needs of the guests when making this decision.

As mentioned earlier, you as the couple should take charge and come up with a playlist that will leave you dancing. This is a cheerful moment which means that the music should be lively. You can work together with the wedding singer to determine what kind of music will be suitable for the day.

The Theme of the Wedding

Another top factor when it comes to choosing the perfect music for the reception is the wedding theme. You don’t want to have wedding music that contradicts with the theme, which ought to be romantic yet formal. You need to make sure the music satisfies the guests as well as matches the theme to make the ceremony memorable.

Working With Your wedding Singer

If you can’t come up with wedding music for this special day, you can check with the wedding musician to help you come up with the right kind of music. But first, you need to know what kind of music the singer is used to and choose the right one that suits your needs. You can choose to have a single musician or go for a live band to spice up the event.

You need to contact the wedding musician at early in advance to communicate your intention for the wedding date. Early communication also gives the musician enough time to prepare for the event. It is also true when you need special music to be performed on the day.

In Closing

Wedding music doesn’t stop when you say “I do”, it goes on to the reception as well. You need to get the right kind of music that matches the theme of the wedding and also suits you as a couple and your guests.