Which Industries Experience High Incidences of Back Pain?

Today we look at some of the biggest industries that bear the brunt of back pain. The question that many workers ask themselves is “why are we prone to back pain conditions as compared to workers in other industries?”

Construction Industry

Statistics show that at least 30 percent of workers in this industry reportedly miss work due to an injury to the back. Why is this? There are various factors that contribute to the high level of injuries in this population.

    • Poor posture when lifting heavy objects.
    • Incorrect posture when working.
    • Working for long hours.
    • Performing repetitive tasks that target the back all the time.
    • Lugging a heavy tool belt weight all day long.

Most of the construction workers don’t realize there is a problem until they feel the onset of the back pain. Most ignore this to be as a result of fatigue, but down the line it becomes chronic and debilitating.

Repetitive motions lead to degeneration of the discs. Though disc degeneration is a more natural process, it can accelerate when the spine is repeatedly put under immense pressure. If one or more discs in your spine start degenerating, they can irritate the nerve root and lead to sciatica. Sciatica can be truly agonizing, and needs the right approach to treat.


Many masons lift and place bricks, granite, marble and other kinds of building stones all day long, which results in tension in the muscles of the back. The repetitive motion is what makes most masons suffer from back pain.

Warehouse Workers

Many warehouse workers complain of sprains, strains and muscle tears in the back due to lifting heavy weights frequently. They also operate machines all day long, and due to the poor ergonomic strategy that they use, they end up suffering from stiff backs and necks.

Landscapers and Gardeners

These two groups of people are constantly bending or leaning forward in order to fulfil their tasks. They do this daily, all day long without proper breaks in the routine.

With time, the repetition of the tasks takes a toll on their backs, but especially the lumbar region. Apart from bending and leaning, this group of workers have to move heavy materials and transport heavy supplies such as sod, bricks, mulch and other tools from one point of the garden to the other.


Plumbers tend to find themselves hunched over in tight spaces trying to find what the issue is regarding given plumbing systems. This squishing places a lot of tension on the back, which in turn injures the muscles of the back. This results in lower back pain.


Similar to plumbers, electricians tend to stay hunched in a tight position just to make sure that they make the perfect connections. Apart from the various uncomfortable positions that the electrician has to adopt, they also lug around a heavy tool belt that places more weight on the back.

How Can You Treat Back Pain?

    1. Use The Right Pain Relief Devices

One of the top ways to prevent back pain while at work is to wear a back brace. This helps support your back when lifting heavy objects or when carrying heavy items to prevent you from bending over.

    1. Cut Down on the Weight and Take Regular Breaks

You need to go slow on the weight and take regular breaks to stretch the tight muscles in your back. Regular breaks also keep the blood flowing to remove the stiffness that might occur.

    1. Consult With an Expert

You need to talk to an expert so that you get the issue diagnosed and get treated.

In Closing

Workers that fall in these categories need to take extreme caution when handling their tasks so that they don’t end up suffering from back pain and related conditions.